Episode 8 “Dove Hunting in the Keystone State”

The opening day of Pennsylvania’s 2020-21 hunting seasons is almost here! Dove hunting is one
of the first signs of fall and a brand-new hunting season. It opens statewide in Pennsylvania on
Tuesday, Sept. 1. Pennsylvania Game Commission wildlife habitat crews have created some
incredible managed dove fields across the state for hunters to explore.
In advance of the dove season opener, Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Research
Biologist Tom Keller spoke with Marketing Director Matt Morrett about all things related to our
state’s mourning dove program. Details about what dove like to eat, their habits throughout
the year and ways the agency is working to manage overall populations.
Tom also shares some hunting-related tips with dove hunters, including how to be safe in the
field and what to look for before and during the season – including food sources, locations, field
quality, water and more!

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  1. I love the fact that PA, got into managing dove fields. I’ve hunted private land in Delaware and Maryland with managed land for years. I’m hoping our fields become productive once the birds get used to them. There’s nothing like a good day in the cove fields

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