Episode 23: Pennsylvania Hunters Sharing The Harvest

Since its inception in 1991, Pennsylvania’s acclaimed Hunters Sharing the Harvest program has donated nearly TWO MILLION pounds of venison to hungry families across the state, thanks to the generosity of Pennsylvania hunters. Hunters Sharing the Harvest is a hunter-inspired community service outreach that works through a network of approved deer processors to channel venison donations to...

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 Episode 22: Hunting the Whitetail Rut in Pennsylvania

The smell of fall is in the air. The rut is on in Pennsylvania.In this episode, Game Commission Marketing Director Matt Morrett discusses the mating season and biology of white-tailed deer with Kip Adams, the National Deer Association’s Chief Conservation Officer.   Kip lives in Knoxville (Pennsylvania) and is a certified wildlife biologist whose love...

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Episode 21: Operation Game Thief Protects Pennsylvania Wildlife

Wildlife crimes affect everyone. The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Operation Game Thief (OGT) program provides a way for people to directly report information related to wildlife crimes. Reporting illegal wildlife activity helps to protect our wild birds and mammals for current and future generations. In this episode, Game Commission Marketing Director Matt Morrett talks with the...

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Episode 20: Managing Wildlife for a Brighter Future

A shared passion for wildlife, whether identifying as a hunter or birder, is the one thing all wildlife lovers have in common. Listen to Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans, Bureau of Wildlife Management Director Matthew Schnupp and Call of the Outdoors Host Matt Morrett discuss exciting new hunting opportunities, along with ways in...

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Episode 19: Turkey Talk Secrets with Denny Gulvas

If you’re a Pennsylvania turkey hunter, you need to listen to this episode, featuring two of Pennsylvania’s own Grand National Champion Turkey Callers Denny Gulvas and host Matt Morrett, as well as Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans. The amount of tips and information related to turkey calling is incredible and will leave listeners better...

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