Episode 19: Turkey Talk Secrets with Denny Gulvas

If you’re a Pennsylvania turkey hunter, you need to listen to this episode, featuring two of Pennsylvania’s own Grand National Champion Turkey Callers Denny Gulvas and host Matt Morrett, as well as Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans. The amount of tips and information related to turkey calling is incredible and will leave listeners better...

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Episode 18: State of the Turkey Flock, Spring 2021

Lots of Pennsylvanians are thinking about turkeys as the state’s 2021 Spring Gobbler season is right around the corner! In this episode, host Matt Morrett talks with Pennsylvania Game Commission Wild Turkey Biologist Mary Jo Casalena about the state of the turkey flock, as well as some of her own professional experiences. The answer to...

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Episode 17: How to Become a PA State Game Warden, Part Two

If you ask a Pennsylvania state game warden what their dream job is, they are likely to tell you that it’s being a game warden. In part two of “How to Become a State Game Warden” Pennsylvania Game Commission Marketing Director Matt Morrett talks with Assistant Director of Training Joel Gibble and State Game Warden...

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Episode 16: How to Become a PA State Game Warden, Part 1

Being a Pennsylvania state game warden is more than just a job; it’s a passion fueled by protecting our state’s wildlife and natural resources. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a game warden – wonder no more – because this episode is packed with insight right from the Game Commission’s Director of...

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Episode 15: The Cory Gulvas PA Mountain Buck Story

The 2020 archery deer season is one that Cory Gulvas will never forget, as he successfully harvested one of the state’s largest typical bucks – ever – on public land in Tioga County, with a traditional bow. The history between him and this buck began two years prior, in September 2018, when he got his...

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