Episode 7: “Elk Hunting in the Keystone State – Past, Present and Future”

Early accounts claim that the last of Pennsylvania’s native elk were hunted in the 1860’s. Today, thanks to many dedicated efforts of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, as many as 1,400 elk freely roam across 3,000 square miles, mostly within several counties in our state’s northcentral region.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Northcentral Region Director Dave Mitchell joined Marketing Director Matt Morrett to explain the modern elk hunting opportunities we have in the Keystone State and much more!

Dave is a longtime, passionate hunter and has been out west to hunt elk several times. He shares some comparisons between his western elk hunts with the opportunities available here – including our bonus points system, elk hunt zones and more.

Of course, the elk hunting opportunities wouldn’t exist without extensive wildlife habitat projects within the herd. Dave provides an inside look into some of the ongoing work happening within the region, benefitting the elk, and some of the current and future goals to expand the herd in the future; more elk equals more hunting.

Successful 2019 Pennsylvania rifle elk hunters Trevor Vossler, from Chester County, and Alice Elliott, from Montour County, also joined this episode to share their exciting Pennsylvania elk hunting experiences.

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