Episode 4: “Celebrating 100 Years of Pennsylvania’s State Game Land System”

On June 15, 2020, Pennsylvania’s State Game Lands System turned 100 years old! To celebrate, Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Habitat Management Bureau Director Pete Sussenbach shared a lot of details about our game lands system, which totals more than 1.5 MILLION acres of land today, [which is more than the entire state of Delaware]!

Pete explains how the forefathers of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, responsible for establishing the state game lands system in 1920, had the vision to create “many miniature Yellowstone Parks throughout the state,” including lots of public hunting land and suitable habitat for wildlife.

Today, we have 308 state game lands that are managed for high-quality wildlife habitat, including forage, feed, shelter and water for ALL wildlife; game and non-game species alike. Our agency uses the best science and technology available to make this possible across the state.

We remain grateful to the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s forefathers for their great vision to dedicate public land for wildlife, hunting, trapping, wildlife watching and recreation. Thank you to Pennsylvania hunting license buyers for supporting wildlife conservation in our state, including wildlife management. And thank you to the men and women who have worked to manage these special lands for the last 100 years!

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