Episode 33: Discussing Public Lands in the Keystone State 

Whether you hunt, fish, hike, or simply enjoy viewing wildlife, Pennsylvania has millions of acres of public lands for you to to take advantage of. Host Matt Morrett is joined by Division Chief of Habitat Planning and Development of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Scott Bearer and Chief of the Forest Resource Planning and Information Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Seth Cassell. 

Prior to State Game Lands, the Game Commission established wildlife refuges on the Bureau of Forestry Lands to protect wildlife, until non-resident and resident hunting funds paved the way for the State Game Lands System.

The Game Commission and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources both have conservation at the core of their missions, however there are some differences when it comes to managing public lands. Learn how these two agencies work together for recreation, conservation and the betterment of Pennsylvania. 

The Keystone State is a special place for everyone, enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer.  

Photo Caption: Gifford Pinchot (the Father of American Forestry, seated at left) and Valentine Bearer (Bureau of Forestry’s Forbes District Forester, Scott Bearer’s great-grandfather; seated at right) at the 1922 Society of American Forester’s Convention at Mont Alto, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Excellent podcast, nice job Scott, Seth, and Matt.

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