Episode 32: Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Past and Present with Dr. Gary Alt

Just in time for the statewide regular firearms deer season opener, Dr. Gary Alt, a well-known Pennsylvania Game Commission wildlife biologist talks about his career with the agency.

Dr. Alt is a Pennsylvania native and a lifetime deer hunter. In fact, he got out of his tree stand to do this podcast interview. He hunts deer six weeks in the fall but he thinks about deer every week of the year. His greatest memories of his father, grandfather and son all include hunting whitetails.

Dr. Alt began his work with the Pennsylvania Game Commission in the late 1970’s as a bear biologist to conduct research on the bear population and continued in that role for 22 years.

He then served the agency as the whitetail deer biologist for five years, where he led efforts to balance the deer herd with habitat by increasing antlerless permits and reducing the mortality of immature bucks by instituting antler restrictions.

He shares his perspective on deer and the enormous impact they have in our society in Pennsylvania. From our forests, to agriculture, to people, there are very strong opinions on deer management, which has historically made deer management here in the Keystone State difficult.

Dr. Alt retired from the Game Commission in the early 2000s. Today’s he is still researching bears across the globe and also works with the Pennsylvania Wildlife Leadership Academy as an instructor and curriculum developer.

5 comments on “Episode 32: Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Past and Present with Dr. Gary Alt

  1. Jerry Heckathorn says:

    Always learn something new listening to Gary. The different perspectives that have to be balanced was considerably greater than I thought. Thanks Gary for the dedication to learning and perseverance to implement change based on science. It sure wasn’t an easy road but the results speak for themselves.

  2. Bill smith says:

    We are shooting bigger buck’s. But we’re shooting 1 1/2 year old and yearling doe why don’t you fix that problem.

  3. Paul Bradley says:

    Pa hunters are beholding to you and the great job you did while working at the Game Commission.
    Thank You Paul Bradley

  4. Rob Blye says:

    Hey, Gary. Missed you this fall but looking forward to 2023 in NE PA. Rob

  5. Joe Corbin says:

    THANK YOU GARY ALT for what you have done for Pennsylvania’s deer hunting. We are reaping the benefits now for your efforts. It was truly ignorance on the behalf of many for the death threats and everything else that you had to endure. Once again THANK YOU!

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