Episode 30: People & Patience: Keys to PA Waterfowl Hunting

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Daylight hours are shortening, and Pennsylvania’s first hunting seasons are finally here.

Waterfowl hunters are gearing up for early Canada goose season, which opens Thursday, Sept. 1. Waterfowl hunt zones, season dates, hours and regulations are different across the state, so hunters should review the digest before heading out to hunt.

Game Commission Assistant Legal Counsel Creigh Martson and Waterfowl Program Specialist Nate Huck joined host Matt Morrett to provide some updates and tips for hunters.

Our state’s geography, from river valleys and wetlands to large agricultural fields and farm ponds, makes it a pretty good waterfowl state. People and patience are two keys to waterfowl hunting in our state.

It’s about the people you hunt with. From your crew and those you strategize, to being respectful to the private landowners and other groups of hunters.

Practice your patience, as there are plenty of variables in waterfowl hunting, including wind, weather and the birds changing up their behavior when hunting season starts.

Tune in for other helpful tips, including when to call (and when to stop), the importance of scouting and the role decoys can play.

Good luck. Have fun. Hunt safely.

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  1. Ronald Tokarchik says:

    Why is the veterans goose blind application information not listed ?

  2. Ronald Tokarchik says:

    Nothing is mentioned about disabled people and what is available for them to hunt !!!!

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