Michael Waddell is a well-known name in the hunting industry who got his start by winning a turkey calling contest. From there, he went on to guide and film many hunts and eventually founded “Bone Collector,” his show on the Outdoor Channel.

He recently took a break from hunting turkeys in his home state of Georgia to talk with us for a few minutes about his passion for hunting and wildlife.

If it gobbles, quacks, bugles or grunts, chances are Michael has hunted it more than a time or two. He got his start hunting small game with his dad and from there he’s had the opportunity to hunt in plenty of other states, including Pennsylvania.

Michael and host, Matt Morrett, have been friends for a very long time; they’ve hunted together many times and even competed against one another in turkey calling contests.

He shares about what it means to be a hunter, why he’s proud to be one, and how hunting is what made him appreciate wildlife conservation. Hunters are the largest group of conservationists; we feed those in need, we fund conservation, we do a lot of good and it’s time to celebrate and share that message on a broader scale.

Michael commends the work done by state wildlife agencies to manage our wild species to ensure we’re leaving it better than we found it, so future generations of hunters and wildlife lovers can enjoy the natural resource, too.

2 comments on “Episode 3: Can’t Stop The Hunt

  1. Steve says:

    Had a great time listening to Matt and Michael sharing stories. That’s what it’s all about-making memories and having fun. My favorite memories as a kid are in the mountain and at camp hunting with family and friends.
    I am so blessed to be able to share time in the outdoors now with my daughters. I love to watch their excitement when we’re hunting or just spending the day in the mountain. God is good.
    Thanks for doing the podcast keep up the good work.

  2. Keith Kester says:

    I gotta tell ya I’m a huge podcast nerd, wildlife and hunting podcasts being the favorite of course. But I fell in love with Call of the Outdoors since I pushed play on episode 1. Really well done, well thought out and great messages. I’m a hunter, fisherman and taxidermist from Scranton so it was cool hearing Waddell tell a story about Montrose! Especially because I turkey hunt in Lenox and have similar experiences with trespassers. Blake Shelton was great too! I’m glad you’re a part of the commission Matt and thanks for the great podcast! Can’t wait for episode 4!!

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