Episode 29: Habitat 101

How do you define habitat? Host Matt Morrett is joined by Dave Gustafson, Bureau Director of Wildlife and Habitat Management for the Pennsylvania Game Commission who dives in on habitat 101.

Dave explains that habitat is essentially a place where wildlife has access to food, water, space, and a secure place to raise their young.

Dave’s love for the outdoors started at a young age while spending time hunting and fishing with his grandfather, leading him to become passionate about wildlife and their habitat.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is currently in charge of over 1.5 MILLION acres of state game lands. Dave says, “it’s a humbling responsibility to think about our charge of managing wildlife and their habitat for current and future generations.”

Dave is excited about the future of the agency and the Bureau of Wildlife and Habitat Management he’s leading.

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  1. Jim lick says:

    Is the Allegany National Forest ever thinned? No browse equals no deer.

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