Episode 28: Spilling Turkey Secrets, Part 2

What makes a turkey talk?  Host Matt Morrett and Denny Gulvas continue to break down turkey habits, mannerisms and body language to help you develop your turkey calls and have a successful season.

In this part 2, they are joined by Michael Waddell, a well-known name in the turkey hunting industry and host of “Bone Collector,” on the Outdoor Channel.

Michael and Denny swap stories of how they mastered turkey vocalizations over the years and are ready to let you in on their best kept secrets. 

The clock is ticking down to the start of Spring Gobbler season which opens statewide on April 30, 2022.  It’s time to practice your calls and put them to the test! 

3 comments on “Episode 28: Spilling Turkey Secrets, Part 2

  1. Wes Hornig says:

    Just wanted to thank you both for the great information! That was great!

  2. Bryan Rummel says:

    This is incredible footage

  3. Ben Gallardy says:

    Unbelievable podcast guys! Thanks for sharing your stories and time. As a dad of young hunters I really appreciated the woodmanship comments in regards to the young hunters learning experience….and making it more about the hunt and less about the kill. Excellent!

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