Episode 27: Spilling Turkey Secrets, Part 1

What’s better than getting tips from a Grand National Champion Turkey Caller? Getting to learn from TWO Grand National Champion Callers. In this episode, host Matt Morrett is joined once again by Denny Gulvas, World Champion Turkey Caller and mentor. Denny has spent decades learning turkey habits, body language and calls and is ready to share his secrets that will leave listeners excited for Spring Gobbler season, which opens statewide on April 30, 2022.

3 comments on “Episode 27: Spilling Turkey Secrets, Part 1

  1. David Fox says:

    Thanks for an educational program. I look forward to hearing more of the actual calls

  2. Drew Adamo says:

    Awesome, Denny Gulvas is one of my PA heroes. I copied his VHS tapes from one of my buddies’ VHS tapes…..a long time ago. I used to run into Denny on SGL 174….many, many years ago. Two great guys on this podcast….Matt & Denny. Carryon!! Thanks for what you do!

  3. Dennis Strawbridge says:

    Denny Gulvas is the man! Knew that for many years! Nobody like him! Great job Matt!

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