Episode 26: Pennsylvania Shooting Sports 

Pennsylvania has a rich history of archery across the state.  No one knows more about that than Todd Holmes, Shooting Sports Outreach Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  The tradition of archery is strong in Todd’s family.  He began shooting a bow when he was just five years old with his dad and uncles.  Today, he’s passing that same tradition on to his own sons. 

 In this episode, Todd joins Game Commission Marketing Director Matt Morrett to discuss shooting sports in Pennsylvania and the growing excitement for the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). 

NASP is a joint venture that partners with state education and wildlife management agencies to promote student education and participation in the lifelong sport of archery.  The NASP program which had around 100 schools participating in the program has steadily grown to over 300 schools and reaches 90,000 students each year in Pennsylvania.  

Not only has Todd helped develop the NASP program in Pennsylvania, but he has also made it a priority to create public access archery ranges on state game lands.  Listen now to learn how he is increasing opportunities for everyone looking to get out and shoot. 

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  1. Phil Holcombe says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for mentioning the PA Bowhunters Festival! I’m 3rd generation of my family being involved with the event. We love to hear about other multigenerational participants, and we are super proud that the event has inspired that level of engagement with so many families! Stop on by the running deer target building and say Hi this September!

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