Episode 22: Hunting the Whitetail Rut in Pennsylvania

The smell of fall is in the air. The rut is on in Pennsylvania.In this episode, Game Commission Marketing Director Matt Morrett discusses the mating season and biology of white-tailed deer with Kip Adams, the National Deer Association’s Chief Conservation Officer.  

Kip lives in Knoxville (Pennsylvania) and is a certified wildlife biologist whose love for hunting began while growing up on a dairy farm in Tioga County. He knew from an early age that he wanted to be a wildlife biologist.  

Pennsylvania has a seven-to-ten day window in early to mid-November when the whitetail rut reaches its peak. Kip’s advice to hunters: Once we hit the rut, go and stay in your stand. It can all change at any second and turn into the most explosive time of the year. Go and stay in your stand for as long as you can.  

Kip explains why education is so important in managing and understanding deer. Knowing the deer’s patterns, food sources and shelter needs for deer is crucial to determining the life cycle and mating habits for deer.   

Kip credits hunters for being very knowledgeable about deer biology, management and knowing how to enhance habitats. Hunters have always answered the call and are working toward ensuring that we have healthy deer herds for the next generation. He predicts a lot of good things for the future of white-tailed deer in Pennsylvania.

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