Episode 2-Getting the Next Generation’s Hands in the Dirt, featuring Blake Shelton

You know Blake Shelton as a country music superstar. You know him as a host on The Voice. Here is a chance to meet a different side of Blake – a passionate hunter, a longtime conservationist and someone who loves introducing new people to the great outdoors.

In this episode, Blake shares that his late brother was the person who got him started hunting early in life, (and also interested in music). Blake shared some of the challenges he endured during his first few years hunting whitetails in Oklahoma and how those experiences helped to shape his great appreciation for wildlife conservation.

Hear about Blake’s favorite way to hunt turkeys; some of his favorite turkey hunting memories with host, Matt Morett; his thoughts on Pennsylvania’s first-ever upcoming Sunday Hunting opportunities; his involvement with wildlife conservation efforts in Oklahoma; how he’s occupying his time at home during the COVID-19 outbreak and plenty more.

As much as Blake loves to hunt, he explains how his rush nowadays comes from taking someone hunting for the first time and introducing people of all ages to the great outdoors that he knows and loves. He shares that someone doesn’t need to harvest an animal to be passionate about the outdoors.

8 comments on “Episode 2-Getting the Next Generation’s Hands in the Dirt, featuring Blake Shelton

  1. Pam Keagy says:

    Awesome listening to my favorite male country singer Blake talk about his passion for hunting. I have always loved turkey hunting it’s not the same though since my hunting buddy has pasted away. Keep up the good work Matt.

  2. Greg says:

    I really enjoy listening to the podcast, I’m glad the Game Commission decided to do these. Great job

  3. William Stanell says:

    Great wow really good Blake come on up Elk in Pa with us.

  4. Scott says:

    Great listen from two great guys.

  5. Mary Hosmer says:

    Great podcast….

  6. Ryan says:

    Y’all should do a podcast where you take someone out for their first-ever hunt. I volunteer myself!

  7. David R Anderson says:

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!😀

  8. Bryan Rummel says:

    Love these podcast very much. Thanks so very much. PA Game Commission. Had many of the same early hunting experiences as Blake

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