If you’re a Pennsylvania turkey hunter, you need to listen to this episode, featuring two of Pennsylvania’s own Grand National Champion Turkey Callers Denny Gulvas and host Matt Morrett, as well as Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans. The amount of tips and information related to turkey calling is incredible and will leave listeners better prepared – and more excited – for Spring Gobbler season, which opens statewide on May 1, 2021.

Denny Gulvas, of DuBois, is a proud Pennsylvania hunter who loves living in a state with plenty of turkey hunting opportunities. He’s dedicated most of his life to turkey calling and was inducted into the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Grand National Hall of Fame in 2020. Denny refers to turkey calling as an art. He explains that the whole process of calling in a turkey – from locating the gobbler, to setting up, to communicating, to watching the bird’s body language – is all an art and something that takes time and skill to learn.

Denny has produced his own turkey calls since the 1970s, and he explains how he got started and what makes his calls unique. He spends a lot of time in the woods and shares some of his best tips and tricks for hunting and understanding turkeys and other wildlife. Denny has mentored plenty of young turkey callers and hunters, including his sons. In this episode, he also shares memories of his earliest hunting experiences with his dad and grandfather, including every detail of his first turkey hunt.

6 comments on “Episode 19: Turkey Talk Secrets with Denny Gulvas

  1. AJ Orelli says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Thank you so much. Sincerely AJ Orelli

  2. Marty Byler says:

    Great episode great guy,grew up watching Denny he’s my favorite

  3. Justin says:

    Get rid of fall season with a rifle

  4. Brett Berry says:

    I believe this is the most amazing interview I’ve ever listened to!! Denny is an incredible persons and his willingness to share his knowledge about the wild turkey and what he has learned over 53 years of interaction with them. Well done Matt!!! I do hope that one day Denny will come out out with that cd that you guys talked about.

  5. Jim Lickfeld says:

    A wealth of information. Great story teller.

  6. Steven Zischkau says:

    Would love to hear that cd hope you guys can work something out. I don’t have a cd player in my Jeep so getting it on spotify would be the only way I could listen to it.

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