Episode 13: Making Hunting History in Pennsylvania

On Sunday, Nov. 15, Pennsylvania’s archery deer hunters made history as they took to the woods for the state’s first-ever regulated big-game hunting opportunity. It’s been an exciting fall, with plenty of expanded hunting seasons, including two more Sunday hunting dates during the statewide regular firearms bear season, on Nov. 22, and statewide regular firearms deer season, on Nov. 29.

To celebrate the hunt, Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans joined Marketing Director Matt Morrett in this episode to wish hunters a happy Thanksgiving and remind everyone about the important role our hunters share in conserving our wildlife.

As the first day of rifle deer season in Pennsylvania is quickly approaching, Bryan shares his memories from his first-ever buck harvest, his personal sentiments on being a Pennsylvania hunter and his thoughts on all the hunting opportunities we’ve had so far this fall – from doves to squirrels to pheasants, turkey, deer, bear and more!

To Bryan, conservation means “the wise use of natural resources,” and he shares why the work the agency does to actively manage wildlife habitat is so important to current and future generations of both wildlife species and humans. Hunters live a certain lifestyle that embodies the principles of conservation and requires them to take personal responsibility for their actions. From knowing the hunting regulations and laws, to taking clean and ethical shots, to getting their deer tested for CWD, to sharing tasteful photos on social media, to recruiting and teaching new hunters and continuing traditions, hunters are very involved with conservation.

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  1. Thomas F Stuckey says:

    Love the Podcast. I appreciate the Pa Game Commission view that each of you express. Hearing your comments really proves just how hard you work and your passion for the everyday Outdoorsman/Hunter. Please keep up the good work and I for one will enjoy your efforts. Good luck this Fall. Tom

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