Episode 10: State of the Pennsylvania Deer Herd: Fall 2020

Not only is the white-tailed deer Pennsylvania’s state mammal and most popular game species, but here in the Keystone State, we have some of the most deer hunters in the country! To celebrate fall and a new deer season, this episode is completely focused on deer and what’s been done to manage the herd for current and future generations.

Chris Rosenberry, the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Game Management Division Chief, provides an inside look into our state’s deer management strategies. If you can hunt it or trap it, the management strategies related to that species falls within Chris’s division.

Prior to his current role, Chris served as the agency’s Deer and Elk Section Chief, and he’s also a Pennsylvania native and lifelong deer hunter. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a deer biologist, Chris shares some of his own experiences collecting data and using science to develop recommendations to achieve agency goals for the betterment of the resource.

If you harvest a deer this season, be sure to report it! Chris explains how important accurate deer harvest data is in managing the deer in our state. He also gives deer hunters a few of his personal tips to keep in mind while pursuing Pennsylvania whitetails this fall!

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