At the Pennsylvania Game Commission, our passion is wild, from the top on down. The “Call of the Outdoors” is the agency’s podcast, and the first-ever episode features Executive Director Bryan Burhans and Marketing Director Matt Morrett. Listeners will gain an inside look into the agency, it’s leadership and the strong hunting and wildlife traditions that have existed in the Keystone State for more than 125 years.

Bryan is a proud Pennsylvania native who has spent his life hunting wild turkeys, whitetails and more in Penn’s Woods. At a young age, he developed a passion for wildlife and conservation and you can hear that excitement in some of the stories he tells. He recounts being so happy to take his Hunter-Trapper Education Course, as a kid, that he actually took it a second time!

As a wildlife biologist, Bryan has dedicated his entire professional career to wildlife conservation in both the public and private sectors. It was a lifelong dream of his to work for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. That became a reality in 2014, and in 2017, he assumed the role of executive director. Bryan shares about his personal preference for hunting on public lands, the lasting legacy those lands will provide and more.

Bryan and Matt explain what the Game Commission is all about – it’s mission, it’s people, it’s passion and it’s purpose. The year-round wildlife management that is done on Pennsylvania’s 1.6 million acres of state game lands is for the betterment of wildlife and for current and future generations of hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. They also provide insight on how the agency is funded, the challenges the agency faces when it comes to managing wildlife and habitats, as well as dispel a few common myths about the Game Commission.

14 comments on “Episode 1-We are Hunters-Our Heritage is Deep

  1. Tim Marks (retired) says:

    Great job guys! Your passion for our hunting Heritage was very evident. I hope this is just the first of many more podcasts and that the program develops a large following!

  2. Bryan Rummel says:

    So very interesting to listen to, Thank you for doing this

  3. Richard L Scheesley says:

    Could not figure out how to view live speakers. Boring just watching a photo that does not change.

  4. James Johnson says:

    No caption for us deaf folks?

  5. anne hall says:

    That was awesome! Hunting for me is all about listening to the woods waking up. Keep up the good work. Thank you Mr. Burhans for enlightening me to hunting!

  6. J. Vincent Grassetti says:

    I want to thank you in PA for all that you do for hunters, wildlife, and habitat. I have hunted PA for over 25 years with a great bunch of guys even though I am a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. I still hunt some in Mass – but it is so great to come to PA where generally folks appreciate hunters and what the contribute. In Mass most folks look at you a little funny when you tell them you hunt.

  7. Glenn G Reichardt says:

    Executive Bryan Burhans and Marketing Director Matt Morrett, what a nice informative format you guys put together. I look forward to hearing the next episode.

  8. Wayne Kober says:

    Matt &;Bryan: Well done! I really enjoyed in inaugural “Call of the Outdoors”Podcast and commend you for bringing conversations and information to the public about wildlife and habitat.

    While listening to you talk about wild turkeys, I thought of the book about Joe Hutto, who found a nest of wild turkey eggs and lived with the flock of 20 birds for a couple years. His book is called, ” Illumination in the Flatwoods.” This helped me understand wild turkey behavior from a turkey’s perspective.

    There used to be a weekly TV program on Channel 8 called ” Call of the Outdoors” which was a 1/2 hour talk show. He had a big following.

    There is a multitude of talent in PA which you can tap to cover a wide range of subjects.

    By the way, I listened to Matt’s father talk about introducing Matt to hunting and turkey calling in the early 1980’s as we worked together at Yule Jordan Associates in Camp Hill.

    Thank you and best wishes. Wayne Kober

  9. Kevin R. Kelly says:

    You should have given a salute to WGAL/ Harry Allaman Call of the Outdoors for use of the name of the show. I remember the first time you appeared on that show and demonstrated your ability to make a gobble call.

    Good luck with the podcast.


  10. Tom Stuckey says:

    Really enjoyed the broadcast. As a hunter what I take away from this experience is there are people like you who really care and have a passion for doing things right. Loved the Myth busting segment. Your work benefits many and to know you have the same passions about hunting as I do makes me want to listen to the next broadcast. Thank You

  11. Janet Keener says:

    Your first podcast was wonderful. I sat here spellbound listening to your stories and information. Great job! I’m a nature lover, and grew up hunting with my dad and my brother. Raised two boys that are hunters, and still get a license every year, but don’t carry a gun anymore – I’m 77, so I just go out in the woods and enjoy. Keep up the great work.

  12. Jim says:

    This is one of the most boring things I have ever listened to. It is a big waste of time and effort.

  13. Mary Hosmer says:

    I’ve never been a podcast person before, but this has me hooked now. Keep it simple for us low-tech folks to listen to this type of podcast.

  14. Charlie Ferguson says:

    I Enjoyed this Podcast so much ! Thank you

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