Episode 29: Habitat 101

How do you define habitat? Host Matt Morrett is joined by Dave Gustafson, Bureau Director of Wildlife and Habitat Management for the Pennsylvania Game Commission who dives in on habitat 101. Dave explains that habitat is essentially a place where wildlife has access to food, water, space, and a secure place to raise their young....

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Episode 28: Spilling Turkey Secrets, Part 2

What makes a turkey talk?  Host Matt Morrett and Denny Gulvas continue to break down turkey habits, mannerisms and body language to help you develop your turkey calls and have a successful season. In this part 2, they are joined by Michael Waddell, a well-known name in the turkey hunting industry and host of “Bone...

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Episode 27: Spilling Turkey Secrets, Part 1

What’s better than getting tips from a Grand National Champion Turkey Caller? Getting to learn from TWO Grand National Champion Callers. In this episode, host Matt Morrett is joined once again by Denny Gulvas, World Champion Turkey Caller and mentor. Denny has spent decades learning turkey habits, body language and calls and is ready to...

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Episode 26: Pennsylvania Shooting Sports 

Pennsylvania has a rich history of archery across the state.  No one knows more about that than Todd Holmes, Shooting Sports Outreach Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  The tradition of archery is strong in Todd’s family.  He began shooting a bow when he was just five years old with his dad and uncles.  Today,...

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Episode 25: Waterfowl Hunting in the Keystone State

From its rivers, streams, wetlands and agricultural fields, Pennsylvania offers waterfowl – and waterfowl hunters – many diverse and appealing habitats. Through careful planning and habitat management, Pennsylvania has become one of the top states in the Atlantic Flyway, with ample hunting opportunities for Canada goose, mallards and wood ducks. In this episode, Game Commission Marketing...

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