Episode 36 Part 2: Healthy Forests, Healthy Deer

Did you know that taking a single doe out of the deer population can have a ripple effect into future years? Deer Biologist David Stainbrook joins host Matt Morrett...

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Episode 36 Part 1: Healthy Forests, Healthy Deer

The average adult white-tailed deer needs five pounds of browse per day — healthy habitat is critical to a healthy deer population. Chief Forester Paul Weiss and host Matt...

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Episode 35: Life-Saving Advice from State Game Wardens

Last year, Pennsylvania recorded 14 hunting-related shooting incidents, and more than 6,000 hunters were cited for serious violations that could put themselves, other hunters, and wildlife at risk. State...

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Episode 34: Understanding the role of Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners

The Pennsylvania Game Commission doesn’t just serve hunters — the agency manages 480 species of wild birds and mammals for all 13 million residents of the Keystone State. Executive...

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Episode 33: Discussing Public Lands in the Keystone State 

Whether you hunt, fish, hike, or simply enjoy viewing wildlife, Pennsylvania has millions of acres of public lands for you to to take advantage of. Host Matt Morrett is...

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Episode 32: Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Past and Present with Dr. Gary Alt

Just in time for the statewide regular firearms deer season opener, Dr. Gary Alt, a well-known Pennsylvania Game Commission wildlife biologist talks about his career with the agency. Dr....

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